Lolita Work In Progress

Lolita Work In Progress

So here is the Gothic Lolita so far. Sloppy coloring at first just to map out what I want. I used the pen tool in PhotoShop for most of the outlining. The umbrella might change to being stripes around it. Still deciding, but this is all I've been working on for the past couple of days. I'd like to finish the whole thing by Sunday possibly and put some graphic background to it with skulls, bows and crowns. :B

PhotoShop Pen tool

Photoshop Pen tool

Omg WOW, I have discovered how awsome the Pen tool in PhotoShop is with lining art. It's so much better than drawing with the tablet or using my micron pens and messing up. *_* I am looking at this tutorial by lumi-mae for using the tool. EEEE! I can't wait to finish this for and see the results. I am making t-shirt designs, btw. And this is a Gothic Lolita character. ^_^

Chracters for fantasy comic

Slaying of the Sea Monster

This is Michelle, and the other one is Mick. They are 2 characters of mine for a story idea. Mick is a dragon tamer and general to the king. Michelle is a swords woman and one of the best black smiths in the kingdom. Their outfits will probably change but I am happy with these skeches... ^_^

Dragon Tamer




W.I.T.C.H. is a cool comic by Disney. The cartoon was good, but I like the comic better because of the stories and art style. <3 This is Will (top, redhead), and Taranee who have the powers of Energy/electricity and Fire. These are their new outfits as well, which I really like. Though I am still not liking Taranee's hair style... You can find the translated comics online here http://www.freewebs.com/mooncloud217/index.htm , http://witchcomicscans2.bravehost.com/ . I drew this at http://oekamie.divagate.com/index.php#322 too. :3

Another one

Well, this is *hopefully* a blog for daily scribbles and finished drawings. Maybe...I'll still be posting art on my live journal @ http://buni_in_the_sky.livejournal.com. ^_^
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